Lea & Becca’s wedding day was filled with so many special moments, seeped in love. I generally don’t cry at weddings until the first dance, but while I was with Becca I cried at least twice. It was that emotional and special of a day. So let me stop rambling and tell you about it all!

I started out the morning at Barnwood Mansion with Becca, her girls, and her family. The minute I pulled up to the mansion and saw the most beautiful wooden door – I was awestruck. Becca had set up all the skirts and her wedding dress over the side of the balcony, so it was the first thing I saw when I walked in. Oh man. Becca’s dress was so perfect for her. The train! After obsessing over the dress, I went up to say hi to Becca and give her the biggest hug! After that, I gathered all of her details for the day and head outside to that gorgeous door! Becca’s details included a handkerchief with a custom stamp for Lea & Becca in the middle, her great-grandmother’s necklace, and a ring from her mother’s side of the family. Lea also had Keds that she & Becca had died themselves. Once all of Becca’s details were captured, I headed up to her room, and the girls decided to pop some champagne before Becca stepped into her wedding dress!!

Becca’s mom and grandmother helped her get into her wedding dress. Becca’s mom’s reaction brought tears to everyone that was in the room. It was just so beautiful hearing how happy Becca’s mom was that Becca & Lea were getting married today. Her baby bird was flying from the nest. Becca’s grandmother helped her put on her late great-grandmother’s necklace. It was such a full circle moment. After these moments, it was time for Becca’s girls to come in and see her in her dress! Everyone was in love, and agreed that it was the perfect dress for Becca.

Lea had a gift for Becca – and that gift was a photo album of their engagement season and at the very end, included a card that Becca gave Lea when they had been dating for 4 months (mind you they’ve been together for 5 years now). Becca’s inner teacher came out and she read the photo album to her mom, grandmother, and bridesmaids. It was such a beautiful and special moment. Becca headed downstairs and had a first look with her dad. There was such excitement and emotion. Again, it was such a beautiful moment!

While all of this was going on, Caity was with Lea & her crew. Caity said the morning was filled with so much excitement and emotion – she was crying! Lea’s dress was so beautiful, and the brides would discover later on that their lace actually matched – even though their dresses were so different! Lea’s mom helped her get into her dress and also helped put on her late grandmother’s necklace. Lea’s late grandmother and grandfather were married on exact same date as Lea & Becca would be married on. (I told you – so many beautiful details). Lea then had a first look with her dad, and her brothers (who both cried)! It was so beautiful!

Lea showed her bridesmaids her dress, and their reactions were priceless! After that, everyone took a seat because Becca had written a letter to every single one of them, for them to read aloud before Lea read hers. There was not a dry eye in the room. It was so beautiful to witness such love and inclusivity between their families.

After all the feels, it was time to head to Rockland’s Farm & Winery for their First Look!

Lea tucked away while Becca was walked over to the first look; their family surrounding them. The first second they laid eyes on each other, there was a look of pure amazement and love that washed over their faces. Cue the waterworks! Becca spun Lea around so she could see all of her dress, and they realized they both had picked the exact same lace for their wedding dresses!

Once they had drank each other in, we began family portraits, and then – bridal portraits!!! We started with some moments by the piglets – Becca & Lea both had mentioned them to me a few times, so I knew we had to get some photographs with them in them! The piglets were so cute – they wanted to follow Lea & Becca everywhere! Then I made these two beautiful women walk through a field – and I’m so glad I did! It was such a beautiful moment! As we were wrapping up, the sky started to sprinkle, so we headed inside for the two to sign their Ketubah.

Lea & Becca signed their Ketubah, surrounded by their family and friends. Lea’s dad spoke to the importance of the Ketubah, and the story of marriage. Once the rain had slowed, it was time for their ceremony!

Lea & Becca had their ceremony outside, despite some of the sprinkles that were falling as they walked down the aisle. Once at the chuppah, Becca walked around Lea and then Lea walked around Becca. Lea’s father officiated the ceremony seeped in tradition. Lea & Becca had written their own vows. Becca talked about how the moment she met Lea, there was a spark that Lea ignited in her, and that Lea continued to light that spark every day. It was nerdy and beautiful, and started the waterworks for everyone present. Lea talked about how she had always imagined finding her “Rebecca” since she was a child – literally, when she had played the main love interest was always named Rebecca – and how glad she was she found her Rebecca in Becca. Oh my gosh, we were all sobbing.

Lea’s brother’s had crafted a device so that Lea & Becca could break the glass at the same time during their ceremony, and as you can see from the photographs, that didn’t quite happen – so these ladies broke out the hammer!!!! As they walked back down the aisle their family and friends played children’s instruments. It was such a fun and unique exit!

Once inside the house – Lea & Becca took a moment with some fries before we snuck back out to take more bridal portraits. Once we snagged the last handful – it was time for cocktail hour & drinks! Dinner included the largest challah bread I have ever seen, and a touching blessing from the grandparents.  Oh and a burger bar!!!

Once dinner was over – Lea & Becca had their first dance followed by the biggest hora I’ve ever witnessed – I swore the floor would cave from the amount of dancing! The rest of the night was dancing and fun, and included a Krenzel dance – which is a dance for the parents of Lea, because Lea was the last child to be married – as well as a surprise for Becca. Lea and her mother sang a song for Becca, which was “You Can’t Hurry Love”. It was so awesome!!!!

The couple, and their family & friends, headed to the hotel after the wedding to keep the party going. Lea & Becca – thank you for allowing me to be there for such a special and beautiful day in your lives. I cannot wait to see where life takes you, and I love you ladies so much!!!!

Thanks to the amazing Vendors that made their wedding day even more special!

Venue: Rockland’s Farm & Winery
Dresses: Vows Bridal & Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring
Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Ana B
Florals: Sungold Flower Co.
Planning & Catering: Simply Fresh Events
Live Band: The Original Moonlighters
Videography: In Motion Video

Lea & Becca’s Love Filled Wedding Day

May 26, 2018


  1. Ellen Weinstein MOB

    June 1st, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    These are spectacular. I can feel the excitement all over again! Thank you, thank you.

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