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The Notebook Story as Told by Tabitha & Will

Jun 12, 2017

The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks is definitely a popular and much loved love story. People love it for so many reasons. I know for me, I was drawn to it because it showed a love story that required work, it didn’t just happen, they both had to fight for it, and in the very end Noah still worked for their love every minute of every day – and when there was a day without success, he woke up the next morning and fought for them again. (This is MY interpretation folks)

Anyways, Tabitha AND Will both love this movie…and when I mentioned that they could do a shoot with that in mind, oh man they ran with it!!!! They both were dedicated to the theme, and to each other, and man oh man was this was a gorgeous and fun shoot.


Tabitha & Will The Notebook-1.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-5.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-6.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-8.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-12.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-18.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-22.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-25.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-28.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-30.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-36.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-39.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-44.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-46.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-48.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-52.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-54.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-58.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-66.jpg
Tabitha & Will The Notebook-69.jpg


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