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Deployment Tuesday – Road Trip Care Package

Jul 12, 2016

Hi all!! This post is showcasing what I know is going to end up being my favorite care package of all time.

A little back story. Ben & I decided that when he gets home we’re going to take a road trip. We’re going to Charleston, Savannah, and Key West. We made this plan after we found out he was deploying, but before he left.

The point of it was to give us both something to look forward to that wasn’t attached to him coming home. Something that in low moments or days, I could plan to distract myself from him being gone. It’s been a great idea.

So I had the idea to make a care package centered around that!

I spent a good amount of time planning this care package. I searched and searched for places from each city/area that I could order some goodies from. I also purchased Guide Books for each location, and went through them all to write little notes to Ben about things I thought were cool, or wanted to do and see (hello swimming with dolphins in the Keys!!!!!). I decorated the box with a map and filled it with so much love and excitement. The hardest part of the whole care package was not telling Ben about things I found out about the locations, and about the care package itself!!! I have the patience of a child when it comes to gifts…I just wanna share!!!!

Needless to say that when he got the care package, I was so excited to hear his reaction, and he LOVED it!!!!!

Here are some pictures of the care package!!! For those of you who have gone through a deployment or are going through one, what are the things you used on low days?

Road Trip Care Package-1.jpg
The inside! It would’ve been cool to get maps of each place, but that was an after thought!

Road Trip Care Package-3.jpg
Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery in Charleston. I purchased some Lemon ones for myself, and they were so good. I can’t wait to try them fresh in Charleston though!!!

Road Trip Care Package-5.jpg
Salt Water Taffy from Savannah Candy Kitchen in Savannah (duh).

Road Trip Care Package-7.jpg
These delicious cookies from Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe I ordered extra of these to share with Sydney which she LOVED!

Road Trip Care Package-8.jpg
Road Trip Care Package-10.jpg
The guide books with their little notes throughout them!

Road Trip Care Package-11.jpg
The finished product!!!! I filled it with little gray filler paper I had from another package!


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