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First Care Package – Deployment Tuesday

Jun 28, 2016

Hey all!!!

So now that Ben has finally gotten his first care package I can share the pictures from it!!

I decided to be super dorky right at the beginningā€¦that way all expectations of non-corniness/dorkiness were nipped in the bud early šŸ˜‰

I went ahead and decorated the box like Batmanā€¦It took way more work that I had anticipated, but was so worth it!

I filled the box with some of Benā€™s favorite coffee things. This includes packs of coffee from Cafe Amouri in Vienna, packets of instant coffee, flavored syrups if he wanted to be all yuppie with his coffee, and even butter biscuits and snacks that could be eaten with coffee! I also included a million things of coffee hard candy. When I get a theme, I sure do run with it.

Side note: Coffee is a big deal in our house, so I figured it would be one of the things he was missing most over there.

Anyways, the coffee allowed for the ā€œmiss you a latteā€ punā€¦.and I loved Holy Care Package Batman! As youā€™ll see from the pictures, Belle helped too.

The 2nd care package was not decorated and was filled to the brim with snacks and goodies. Lots and lots of cereal, since Ben misses that a lot too. This week I put together a special care package, and took pictures. So once that one makes its way to Ben, Iā€™ll post details here!

If you have any ideas for care packages, Iā€™m all ears!!!!

Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0020.jpg

Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0021.jpg

Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0022.jpg


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