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I'm so glad that you've made it to my little piece of home here on the internet. I highly recommend pouring yourself a cup of coffee and taking a look around - there's a lot of pretty here! 

Hi, I'm Megan.

5 Things

Jun 11, 2016

1) Coffee – I’m going to count this, since it is my first Things I’m Loving Lately, but I won’t try and use it again. Right now, I’ve gone back to an oldie but goodie in our household, Zeke’s Coffee ( (owned and operated in Baltimore, MD) their Dark Roast, Tell Tale Dark. I love this coffee!!!


Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0023.jpg

2) Game of Thrones – Although it’s really a love hate relationship right now, because it is my first season not binge watching it, and I get really disappointed when I can’t see what happens next at the end of the episode each week. On the other hand, it’s nice having something to look forward to at the end of the week, and Belle does curl up to watch it with me.

3) Facebook Messenger – since Ben’s been deployed this is how we communicate best right now. We’re going to try the What’sApp, so that may be on another list…we’ll see

4) The Rain – I know I know I know, it had been raining for a bagillion days and everyone was over it, but I LOVE it. there’s just something about the rain, the mist, & the gray that makes my heart and soul very happy and feel safe. Also I was able to shoot with Sydney on a rainy day in DC of a gorgeous couple & their family, and it’s probably one of my favorite galleries ever!


Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0024.jpg

5) The Jane Austen Candle – I am a HUGE candle junkie. I just love love love them. My newest favorite sent is the Jane Austen one. I have smelt it in stores before and loved it, but it was a simdge more than I’d like to spend on a candle, especially when I have so many at home. After the 9 millionth time that I picked it up in a store to smell it, I finally decided to bite the bullet and got it. LOVE it!


Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0019.jpg

What are some things you’re loving that I should try out!


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