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Hi, I'm Megan.

My First Styled Shoot – Romantic, Warm & Cozy

Mar 3, 2016

When I dreamed of putting together my first styled shoot I was nervous, anxious, and filled with excitement. I had an image in my head of my gorgeous friend Katherine, in a beautiful wedding dress with curls in her hair, wrapped in a warm & cozy looking blanket. That was my inspiration for the shoot. I wanted colors of deep Marsala with light pink to decorate the table, with touches of gray. I reached out to some vendors through The Rising Tide Society, and found a group of women that I just fell in love with.

After a lot of hard work and beautiful collaboration, my vendors and I put together a beautiful styled shoot at the gorgeous 48 Fields venue in Leesburg, VA. The bottom of the barn was covered in gorgeous gray slate-esque tiles, with rustic wooden long tables. The room just screamed for my vision. As we set the table, and made a organic table runner out of light pink and white beach glass, I fell in love. The light, the table settings, the location.

Once our bride & groom models, Katherine & Travis, who were a real life couple that are friends of mine, showed up, the magic in the air just grew. Katherine & Travis were unable to having wedding pictures from their wedding, so these images meant something to them as well. When Katherine put on the gorgeous tulle wedding dress by Theia, the humming in the air quieted, and all that mattered was Travis & Katherine.

The images that were captured are beautiful. Yes, the light was perfect, and the gorgeous scenery provided by the location of 48 Fields added to the beauty, but the love that Katherine & Travis feel for one another oozes out of the photos and warms your heart. This styled shoot became so much more to me, and to Katherine & Travis. I hope you see the love that went into this styled shoot, as well as the love felt by our real life couple.

Vendor list with links are after the images 🙂 And head on over to United with Love to see the feature of this styled shoot!!!

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0001.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0002.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0003.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0004.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0005.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0006.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0007.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0008.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0009.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0010.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0011.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0012.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0013.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0014.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0015.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0016.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0017.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0018.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0019.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0020.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0021.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0022.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0023.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0024.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0025.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0026.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0027.jpg


48 Fields Styled Shoot_0029.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0030.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0031.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0032.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0033.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0034.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0035.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0036.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0037.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0038.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0039.jpg

48 Fields Styled Shoot_0040.jpg

Vendor List

Stylist/Planner/Crazy Person & Photographer – ME 🙂

Vendor – 48 Fields

Florist – Olivia Nguyen of Olive Events & Florals

Invitation Suite & Menu – Kim Small of With Wild & Grace

Hair & Make Up Artist – Sue Minksey of Beauty by Sue

Cake – Evan of Sweets by E

Other Photographers (Head on over to their blogs to check out their images!!!) – Rosie & Sydney

Real Life Models – My beautiful friends Katherine & Travis


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