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Doggie Filled Weekend Wrap Up

Mar 1, 2016

This weekend was a perfect weekend. The weather was great, Ben was home, and we got to spend time with Erin.

On Saturday Ben, Belle, & I headed to DC to catch the sunrise…and of course take some photos. It was nice since Ben had been out of town last week. We were able to catch up doing what we love, visiting the Lincoln Memorial and walking around.

After that we had a birthday brunch for my aunt Erin at this cute little place called Cafe Del Ray. Oh my gosh, it is so good. The outside fooled me the first time I went, but it makes me feel like I’m eating in country kitchen in France. Which makes me happy. Erin loved it! Which was the real point of the whole meal.

We ran some errands, and then Ben & I came home and binge watched the entire season of Fuller House. I’m not going to lie, I loved it. A little cheesy, but so is Full House as an adult. I want the next season. Like now. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts?

Sunday we were going to meet a friend for lunch in Tyson’s, but her husband was sick, so we rain checked. Ben & I had a delicious lunch together, ran errands together, and then went to Erin’s to hang out a bit and pick up Belle. I wanted to do a photo session with Jamie. He’s my aunt’s dog, but I lived with him for 6years, so he feels like my dog too. He has DM, and has his first set of wheels. He doesn’t need them all the time, so I wanted to have some pictures of him pre wheels. I’m planning on doing a blog post of just his pictures, he was my first model ever!

Then Ben & I came back and watched the red carpet for the Oscar’s. A tradition we try to uphold every year. I didn’t get to see Leo finally get his well deserved Oscar, because I had my first day at my new job on Monday!!!! I started on a Labor & Delivery floor, which is my dream. Yay!

Enjoy the pictures! How was your weekend?! Do anything fun?

Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0009.jpg
Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0010.jpg
Big Mama Mac Wrap Up_0011.jpg


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