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Hi, I'm Megan.

A Super Late Weekend Wrap Up!!!

Feb 15, 2016

So I missed last weekends weekend wrap up. So LAST Saturday I put on my first ever styled shoot. It was amazing, stressful and exhausting. Luckily there was a lovely group of women that participated in the shoot and the event came together beautifully. My friend Katherine, and her husband Travis, were our real life models. I was so excited about this shoot because these two have no wedding pictures, and I was able to give them some great images that I hope they are able to cherish forever 🙂

By the time I got home and unloaded the truck, I was exhausted but I stayed up to watch the Live Action Grease (which I was not impressed with but that’s another issue). I edited as many pictures as I could, and then went to bed. Sunday I slept to prep for work that night at the hospital.

I still could have put together a blog post, but to be honest this whole pre-deployment period has been messing with me. I find myself angry, and sad, and anxious. I also find myself not knowing quite what to do with myself, and what to do to help Ben through whatever he’s going through too.

So my fabulous friend Sydney said that I should come up with a photography project focused around pre-deployment and Ben to help me with how I’m feeling. We have no idea what I should do but I’m working on it!

I am also planning on doing a Deployment Tuesday here on the blog so I can write about how I’m feeling, what’s going on, what I’m learning, etc. Writing has always been a healthy and creative outlet for me, so might as well keep it up!

Anyways on to THIS weekend!

So Ben came home from a week long pre-deployment training on Thursday, and after running an errand we came home to a flooded apartment. Really great way to celebrate coming home. We did go out to dinner that night to my favorite pizza place here in Old Town Alexandria to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. Pizza place is Pizzeria Paradiso. Oh my gosh, such good pizza and alcohol. And they have a vegan pizza that is amazing. I mean really really good.

The maintenance crew was fixing the damage to our walls and carpets from the burst pipe all day Friday, so we ran errands in Woodbridge, including getting our computer chair (which I was way too excited about).

Saturday we did our grocery shopping and then I made some delicious dinner and we binge watched Food Network and the All Star Academy from last season. It was a great way to just spend time together.

Sunday was uneventful as I had to work Sunday night. (Happy Valentine’s day lol). Ben did surprise me with some gorgeous flowers, a sweet card, and some chocolate covered strawberries; while I made him breakfast and dinner as my Valentine’s day present.

It was a typical real life weekend that was stressful, but I would rather spend a stressful weekend with Ben by my side, then an uneventful weekend without him.

Enjoy some sneak peeks from the styled shoot, and let me know how you spent your weekend!!!





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