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A Late Adventures of Belle the Dog with Short Legs!

Feb 4, 2016

So this week has been crazy. As in, I worked 3 night shift’s in a row for my job as a nurse. Which means I went into work at 630pm, and got home about 8am the next morning, slept until 430pm and then did it all again for 3 nights. I hate 3’s in a row.

I had not prepped a blog for Wednesday, and that’s because life happens. But here it is!!!

Sunday I had such a busy day, and Belle decided she wanted to be the start of my busy day! I had a boudoir shoot of a fellow photographer (who has become a beautiful friend) and then a couples shoot of another photographer friend and her husband! When I was testing the lighting for the boudoir shoot, Belle decided to be the first model, which worked just fine for me! She’s got a cute little fluffy rump! My friend, Sydney, took some headshots of me, but we of course had to include Belle. Sydney managed to capture some of my favorite images of Belle!!!! I love them so much!!!

Belle also received her first bath in our new apartment. We normally wash her at Erin’s house, since her shower has the shower head you can move, but we gave it a shot at the apartment and it actually didn’t go to bad!!!

I had to work Monday night through this morning, and Ben was out of town while I was working, which meant that Belle went to Camp Lucks (as my beautiful friend Carol used to call it). It is my aunt’s house. Ben, Belle, & I used to live there so it’s really just another version of home for Belle.

Tuesday & Wednesday Belle goes to “doggie day care” with Jamie (my aunt’s dog and my first model for photography). Belle was so worn out that she spent a lot of time at Erin’s knocked out!!!! Erin took advantage of that and forced her to take some silly pictures.

And yes, I’m that annoying dog mom who wants pictures of her dog while she’s working. I’m honest, ok?! lol

I picked Belle up this morning after work, and she lost her mind!!! I was so hoping to catch a video of her freaking out, but completely forgot. We got home, and I needed to sleep which worked well for Belle because she was still worn out!

We spent today snuggled up in bed, catching up on sleep. Not the most exciting Adventures of Belle the Dog with Short Legs, but it’s a true one!

We’re planning on doing something exciting before next week, we (as in Belle & I) haven’t been able to figure out what yet!

Enjoy the pictures of the cute dog!


This is by far one of my favorite pictures of my fur baby ever. Thank you so much Sydney!!!!


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