So anyone that knows me, knows that Belle is my ride or die. She is my partner in crime. She’s also my little baby….and she’s also my dog. (Marianne would argue it’s unhealthy and that I have too many pictures of her and stuff…but Marianne is silly)

Belle is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Corgi’s are the dogs that the Queen of England has, but hers are Pembroke’s. For those who don’t know Corgis well, mine is just one with a tail. One day I’ll probably write a blog post about the difference, but I digress….

So every Wednesday I am planning on writing a blog post about what Belle and I have gotten into since the last Adventure’s of Belle Wednesday, including pictures of her adorable little face! So here we go!

This past weekend we had some serious snow in the DC/Northern VA/MD area. I mean more than we’ve gotten in one snowfall in at least a decade (I think). It was between 2 and 3 feet of snow!!!

At first Belle didn’t even want to pee where the snow was, let alone go in it. Then we took her to the dog area near our apartment and she LOVED it!!!! Oh my goodness. I’ve never seen her play so much, so we took her out a lot for her to romp around in the snow!

Enough of my rambling, here’s some pictures of her having a blast!!!!

Also, how did you weather the snow?!














Adventures of Belle the Wonderdog…with Short Legs

January 27, 2016


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