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Snowmagedon Edition of Weekend Wrap-Up

Jan 25, 2016

So I plan to write a Weekend Wrap – Up post every Monday! So here’s to the first one!

My weekend actually started on Friday morning, which was nice. Ben and I have the entire week off, and so being snowed in was not a bad way to start our stay-cation. We spent the beginning of Friday running some errands, getting last minute groceries (which was a horrible idea by the way….Harris Teeter was insane) and then we pulled into our garage at our apartment *literally* as the snow started to fall!!!!

(and yes that *literally* was said just like Parks & Rec)

So we built a nice fire and watched the snow fall while watching TV and the insane amount of news coverage for the storm!!! I was being unrealistic and was trying to find people close enough to me so that we could take some portraits in the snow, but I didn’t really think about how hard we were going to be hit with the snow!!! I’m still crossing my fingers that I can get out for some snow portraits today!!

Saturday the snow storm was a blizzard!! I slept the first half of the day away (thank you night shift readjustment) and then forced Ben to come out with Belle and I so that I could try and get some pictures! Here are the results from that….Belle was not happy.

And here she is once we were back inside and warming up
So since all outside activities were being nipped in the bud I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen!!! I made a delicious turkey & white bean chili with kale from Blue Apron (I know there will be a post about them later)…it was so good!!!

Then that was not enough activity for me, and the laptop screen was killing me (really WordPress was just driving me crazy) and so I decided to bake some delicious cookies. These are Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies….and are pretty stinking good!!! Recipe will be on the blog later this week 🙂 We enjoyed the cookies while we watched SNL and then it was lights out!!!

The sun was shining Sunday morning, making me want to take snow portraits more than I wanted to before then (obsessive a smudge). So once again, after ample amounts of coffee and some breakfast, I drug Ben & Belle back out into the weather and the world for pictures! Oh my gosh. Belle LOVED it!!!! I’ve never seen her play so much before!!! She had a blast. She loved it so much we had to play twice!!! She was one tired puppins by the end of the day!!! (and yes she’s on a heated blanket on the couch….spoiled much?)

We enjoyed leftovers for dinner, and I worked on some pictures and biog posts. Then Ben & I curled up and watched the premiere of the “new” X-Files….I must say I geeked out when the old intro played, and cannot wait for next weekends episode. (I am not a nerd about most nerdy things, but X-Files is one of them!) There will a post on Wednesday of the Adventures of Belle which will have more pictures of her digging the snow, so check back for that! Enjoy the pictures!!!




















What did you do this weekend?! How much snow did you get?! Hope you are staying warm!!!


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